PERILUS mainly contains reports on current experimental work carried out in the Phonetics Laboratory at the University of Stockholm.


Contents of PERILUS XVII

F0-excursions in speech and their perceptual evaluation as evidenced in liveliness estimations
Hartmut Traunmüller and Anders Eriksson

Quality judgements by users of text-to-speech synthesis as a handicap aid
Olle Engstrand

Word-prosodic features in Estonian conversational speech: some preliminary results
Diana Krull

Sonority contrasts dominate young infants' vowel perception
Francisco Lacerda

Word accent 2 in child directed speech: A pilot study
Ulla Sundberg

Swedish tonal word accent 2 in child directed speech - a pilot study of tonal and temporal characteristics
Ulla Sundberg and Francicso Lacerda

Stigmatized pronunciations in non-native Swedish
Una Cunningham-Andersson