XXVII Swedish Phonetics Conference, FONETIK 2014, was held at Stockholm University, June 9–11, 2014 (www.ling.su.se/fonetik2014).

Proceedings FONETIK 2014: PERILUS XXIV (16274 Kb)

Table of Contents

Voice quality and emotion

Alexandra Berger, Rosanna Hedström Lindenhäll, Mattias Heldner, Sofia Karlsson, Sarah Nyberg Pergament & Ivan Vojnovic:
Voices after midnight – How a night out affects voice quality
Juhani Toivanen:
Emotional Finnish Speech: Evidence from Automatic Classification Experiments
Sara Marklund & Jesper Zackariasson:
The intonation’s effects on speech intelligibility and attitudes

Segmental features

Fredrik Karlsson:
Instability in simple speech motor sequences - an overview of measures and what they really quantify
Susanne Schötz, Johan Frid, Lars Gustafsson & Anders Löfqvist:
Tongue articulation dynamics of /iː, yː, ʉ̟ː/ in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmöhus Swedish
Susanne Schötz, Francis Nolan & Eva Liina Asu:
An acoustic study of the Estonian Swedish lateral [ɬ]

Raveesh Meena, Saeed Dabbaghchian & Kalin Stefanov:
A data-driven approach to detection of interruptions in human–human conversations
Giampiero Salvi & Niklas Vanhainen:
The WaveSurfer Automatic Speech Recognition Plugin
Iris-Corinna Schwarz, Atena Nazem, Sofia Olsson, Ellen Marklund & Inger Uhlén:
Towards a contingent anticipatory infant hearing test using eye-tracking


Margaret Zellers:
Duration and pitch in perception of turn transition by Swedish and English listeners
Kätlin Aare, Marcin Włodarczak & Mattias Heldner:
Backchannels and breathing
Jens Edlund, Fredrik Edelstam & Joakim Gustafson:
Pauses and resumptions in human and in computer speech

Tone and accent

Sara Myrberg:
Initiality accent deaccenting
Antonis Botinis, Gilbert Ambrazaitis & Johan Frid:
Syllable structure and tonal representation: revisiting focal Accent II in Swedish
Anastasia M Karlsson, Jan-Olof Svantesson & David House:
Prosodic boundaries and discourse structure in Kammu
Antonis Botinis & Elina Nirgianaki:
Tonal production and syllabification in Greek

Animal sounds

Pétur Helgason:
Sound initiation and source types in human imitations of sounds
Susanne Schötz & Joost van de Weijer:
Human perception of intonation in domestic cat meows
Susanne Schötz:
A pilot study of human perception of emotions from domestic cat vocalizations


Juhani Toivanen:
Aspects of second language speech prosody: data from research in progress
Anna Hed:
Perception and production of Swedish word accents by Somali L1 speakers
Elisabeth Zetterholm:
The confusing final stops in L2 acquisition
Mechtild Tronnier & Elisabeth Zetterholm:
Observed pronunciation features in Swedish L2 produced by two L1-speakers of Vietnamese

Child speech

Emilie Gardin, Maria Henriksson, Emilia Wikstedt, Marie Markelius & Lena Renner:
Consonant inventory of Swedish speaking 24-month-olds: A cross-sectional study
Ivonne Contardo, Anita McAllister & Sofia Strömbergsson:
Real-time registration of listener reactions to unintelligibility in misarticulated child speech

Phonetics and brain imaging

Francisco Lacerda & Björn Lindblom:
SUBIC - Stockholm University Brain Imaging Center and its significance for humanistic and interdisciplinary research