This issue of PERILUS contains papers written by current members of the
speech research group at Stockholm University.

PERILUS IV (15389 Kb)

Danielle Duez spent some time in our lab as a guest researcher and kindly
contributed a report on ongoing research undertaken in collaboratlon with
Yukihoro Nishinuma. Her stay was supported by funds from the Swedish

Almé and MacAllister contribute "Labial Co-articulati on in Stutterers and Normal Speakers: a Pilot Study" which they presented at "Speech Motor Dynamics in Stuttering" held at Nimegen, Holland in June 1985. This paper will appear in the publication from this conference.

The remaining papers have been submitted to the editors of the proceedings from a Swedish-French symposium held in April of 1985. Financial support for the Swedish participants of this meeting was obtained from STU (The Swedish Board of Technical Development) and from Association FrancoSuedoise pour la Recherche. We gratefully acknowledge the warm welcome and hospitality we enjoyed with our French hosts.

Bjorn Lindblom

Labial Coarticulation in Stutterers and Normal Speakers
Ann-Marie Almé

Peter Branderud

Some Evidence on Rythmic Patterns of Spoken French
Danielle Duez and Yukihoro Nishinuma

On the Relation between the Acoustic Properties of Swedish Voiced Stops and their Perceptual Processing
Diana Krull

Descriptive Acoustic Studies for the Synthesis of Spoken Swedish
Francisco Lacerda

Frequency Discrimination as a Function of Stimulus Onset Characteristics
Francisco Lacerda

Speaker-Listener Interaction and Phonetic Variation
Bjorn Lindblom and Rolf Lindgren

Articulatory Targeting and Perceptual Constancy of Loud Speech
Richard Schulman

The Role of the Fundamental and the Higher Formants in the Perception of the Speaker Size, Vocal Effort, and Vowel Openness
Hartmut Traunmüller