The present edition of PERILUS contains papers given at the Fifth National Phonetics Conference held in Stockholm in May 1991. The Conference covered a wide range of experimental phonetic problem areas currently explored by Swedish project groups and individual research workers.

The written contributions presented here are generally brief status reports from ongoing projects. Full reports will be or have been published elsewhere. It is our hope that the present volume will serve as a handy, up to date reference manual of current Swedish work in experimental phonetics

Contents of PERILUS XIII

Initial consonants and phonation types in Shanghai
Jan-Olof Svantesson

Acoustic features of creaky and breathy voice in Udehe
Galina Radchenko

Voice quality variations for female speech synthesis
Inger Karlsson

Effects of inventory size on the distribution of vowels in the formant space: preliminary data from seven languages
Olle Engstrand and Diana Krull

The phonetics of pronouns
Raquel Willerman and Björn Lindblom

Perceptual aspects of an intonation model
Eva Gårding

Tempo and stress
Gunnar Fant, Anita Kruckenberg, and Lennart Nord

On prosodic phrasing in Swedish
Gösta Bruce, Björn Granström, Kjell Gustafson and David House

Phonetic characteristics of professional news reading
Eva Strangert

Studies of some phonetic characteristics of speech on stage
Gunilla Thunberg

The prosody of Norwegian news broadcasts
Kjell Gustafson

Accentual prominence in French: read and spontaneous speech
Paul Touati

Stability of some Estonian duration relations
Diana Krull

Variation of speaker and speaking style in text-to-speech systems
Björn Granström and Lennart Nord

Child adjusted speech; remarks on the Swedish tonal word accent
Ulla Sundberg

Motivated deictic forms in early language acquisition
Sarah Williams

Cluster production at grammatical boundaries by Swedish children:
some preliminary observations

Peter Czigler

Infant speech perception studies
Francisco Lacerda

Reading and writing processes in children with Down syndrome -a research project
Irene Johansson

Velum and epiglottis behaviour during production of Arabic pharyngeals: fibroscopic study
Ahmed Elgendi

Analysing gestures from X-ray motion films of speech
Sidney Wood

Some cross language aspects of co-articulation
Robert McAllister and Olle Engstrand

Articulation inter-timing variation in speech: modelling in a recognition system
Mats Blomberg

The context sensitivity of the perceptual interaction between FO and F1
Hartmut Traunmüller

On the relative accessibility of units and representations in speech perception
Kari Suomi

The QAR comprehension test: a progress report on test comparisons
Mats Dujberg and Robert McAllister

Phoneme recognition using multi-level perceptrons
Kjell Elenius och G. Takács

Statistical inferencing of text-phonemics correspondences
Bob Damper

Phonetic and phonological levels in the speech of the deaf
Anne-Marie Öster

Signal analysis and speech perception in normal and hearing-impaired listeners
Annica Hovmark

Speech perception abilities of patients using cochlear implants, vibrotactile aids and hearing aids
Eva Agelfors and Arne Risberg

On hearing impairments, cochlear implants and the perception of mood in speech
David House

Touching voices - a comparison between the hand, the tactilator and the vibrator as tactile aids
Gunilla Öhngren

Acoustic analysis of dysarthria associated with multiple sclerosis -
a preliminary note

Lena Hartelius and Lennart Nord

Compensatory strategies in speech following glossectomy
Eva Öberg

Flow and pressure registrations of alaryngeal speech
Lennart Nord, Britta Hammarberg, and Elisabet Lundström