This issue of PE RILUS contains research conducted by students in
the Phonetics Research Seminar during the academic year 1979-1980. The students enrolled in this seminar were either third semester students
in Phonetics or doctoral candidate students in Phonetics. The paper by
Gärda Ericsson is an exception in that Dr. Ericsson is an M.D., specializing in Phoniatry.

PERILUS II (14374 Kb)

James Lubker

A Study of Anticipatory Labial Coartriculation in the Speech of Children
Åsa Abelin, Ingrid Landberg, and Lilian Persson

Rapid Reproduction of  Vowel-Vowel sequences bu Children
Åke Florén

Production of Bite-Block Vowels by Children
Alan Gibson and Lorrane McPhearson

Laryngeal Airway Restistancs as a Function of Phonation Type
Eva Holmberg

The Declination Effect in Swedish
Diana Krull and Siv Wandebäck

Compensatory Articulation by Deaf Speakers
Richard Schulman

Neural and Mechanical Response Time in the Speech of Cerebral Palsied Subjects
Elisabeth Tenenholtz

An Acoustic Investigatin of Productin of Plosives by Cleft Palate Speakers
Gärda Ericsson