PERILUS mainly contains reports on current experimental work carried out in the Phonetics Laboratory at the University of Stockholm.

PERILUS XV (13337 Kb)

Contents of PERILUS XV

Use of place and manner dimension in the SUPERB UPSID database: Some patterns of in(ter)dependence
Björn Lindblom, Diana Krull and Johan Stark

Comparing vowel formant data cross-linguistically
Diana Krull and Björn Lindblom

Temporal and tonal correlates to quantity in Estonian
Diana Krull

Some evidence that perceptual factors shape assimilations
Susan Hura, Björn Lindblom and Randy Diehl

Focus and phonological reduction
Linda Shockey, Kristyan Spelman Miller and Sarah Newson

The phonetics of sign language; an outline of a project
(paper in Swedish, summary in English.)
Catharina Kylander

The role of the jaw in constriction adjustments during pharyngeal and pharyngealized articulation
Ahmed M. Elgendy

Young infants prefer high/low vowel contrasts
Francisco Lacerda

Young infants's discrimination of confusable speech signals
Francisco Lacerda

Dependence of high-amplitude sucking discrimination results on the pre- and post-shift window duration
Francisco Lacerda

Prototypical vowel information in baby talk
Barbara Davis and Björn Lindblom