Starting with this issue, we will be changing slightly the publication policy of PERILUS. Earlier issues included experimental efforts of our graduate students in connection with their course work in experimental phonetics. Results of work on larger projects were, as a rule, published elsewhere. In the future we will, of course, continue to publish our work in international periodicals. It is, however, our intention to mirror the entire spectrum of scientific activity in our lab through PERILUS. PERILUS can thus be viewed as our department's working papers in phonetics. We hope that this new PERILUS will serve as an effective avenue of communication with our colleagues in the field of phonetics.

PERILUS V (21353 Kb)

Contents of PERILUS V

About the computer-lab
Peter Branderud

Adaptive variability and absolute constancyin speech signals: two themes in the quest for phonetic invariance
Bjorn Lindblom

Articulatory dynamics of loud and normal speech
Richard Schulman

An experiment on the cues to the identification of fricatives
Hartmut Traunmüller& Diana Krull

Second formant locus patterns as a measure of consonant-vowel coarticlation
Diana Krull

Exploring discourse intonation in Swedish
Madeleine Wulffson

Why two labialization strategies in Setswana?
Mats Dufberg

Phonetic development in early infancy -a study of four Swedish children during the first 78 months of life
Liselotte Roug, Ingrid Landberg & Lars-Johan Lundberg

A simple computerized response collection system
Johan Stark & Mats Dufberg

Experiments with technical aids in pronunciation teaching
Robert McAllister, Mats Dufberg & Maria Wallius