PERILUS XIV (23443 Kb)

Contents of PERILUS XIV

Does increasing representational complexity lead to more speech variability?
Christian Abry & Tahar Lallouache

Some cross language aspects of co-articulation
Robert McAllister & Olle Engstrand

Coarticulation and reduction in consonants: comparing isolated words and continuous speech
Edda Farnetani

Trading relations between tongue-body raising and lip rounding in production of the vowel /u/
Joseph S. Perkell, Mario A. Svirsky, Melanie L. Matthies & Michael I. Jordan

Tongue-jaw interactions in lingual consonants
B Kühnert, C Ledl, P Hoole & H G Tillmann

Discrete and continuous modes in speech motor control
Anders Löfqvist & Vincent L. Gracco

Paths and trajectories in orofacial motion
D.J. Ostry, K.G. Munhall, J.R. Flanagan & A.S Bregman

Articulatory control in stop consonant clusters
Daniel Recasens, Jordi Fontdevila & Maria Dolors Pallares

Dynamics of intergestural timing
E. Saltzman, B. Kay, P. Rubin & J. Kinsella-Shaw

Modelling the speaker-listener interaction in a quantitative model for speech motor control: a framework and some preliminary results
Rafael Laboissiere, Jean-Luc Schwartz & Gérard Bailly

Neural network modelling of speech motor control using physiological data
Eric Vatikiotis-Bateson, Makoto Hirayama & Mitsuo Kawato

Movement paths: different phonetic contexts and different speaking styles
Celia Scully, Esther Grabe-Georges & Pierre Badin

Speech production. From acoustic tubes to the central representation
René Carré & Mohamed Mrayati

On articulatory and acoustic varibilities: implications for speech motorcontrol
Shinji Maeda

Speech perception based on acoustic landmarks: implications for speech production
Kenneth N. Stevens

An investigation of locus equations as a source of relational invariance for stop place categorization
Harvey M. Sussman

A first report on consonant underarticulation in spontaneous speech in French
Danielle Duez

Temporal variability and the speed of time's flow
Gerald D. Lame

Prosodic segmentation of recorded speech
W. N. Campbell

Rhythmical - in what sense? Some preliminary considerations
Lennart Nord

Focus and phonological reduction
Linda Shockey

Recovery of "deleted" schwa
Sharon Y. Manuel

Invariant auditory patterns in speech processing: an explanation for normalization
Natalie Waterson

Function and limits of the F1: FO covariation in speech
Hartmut Traunmüller

Psychoacoustic complementarity and the dynamics of speech perception and production
Keith R. Kluender

How the listener can deduce the speaker's intended pronunciation
John J. Ohala

Phonetic covariation as auditory enhancement: the case of the [+voice]/[-voice] distinction
Randy L. Diehl & John Kingston

Cognitive-auditory constraints on articulatory reduction
Klaus J. Kohler

Words are produced in order to be perceived: the listener in the speaker's mind
Sieb G. Nooteboom

An acoustic and perceptual study of undershoot in clear and citation-form speech
Seung-Jae Moon

Phonetics of baby talk speech: implications for infant speech perception
Barbara Davis

Use of the sound space in early speech
Peter F. MacNeilage

The emergence of phonological organization
M.M. Vihman & L. Roug-Hellichius

In defence of the Motor Theory
Ignatius G. Mattingly

Learning to talk
Michael Studdert-Kennedy