PERILUS mainly contains reports on current experimental work carried out in the Phonetics Laboratory at the University of Stockholm.

PERILUS XII (11909 Kb)

Contents of PERILUS XII

On the communicative process: Speaker-listener interaction and the development of speech
Björn Lindblom

Conversational maxims and principles of language planning
Hartmut Traünmuller

Quantity perception in Swedish [VC]-sequences:
word length and speech rate

Hartmut Traünmuller and Aina Bigestans

Perceptual foreign accent: L2 user's comprehension ability
Robert McAllister

Sociolectal sensitivity in native, non-native and non speakers of Swedish - a pilot study
Una Cunningham-Andersson

Perceptual evaluation of speech following subtotal and partial glossectomy
Ann-Marie Almé

VOT in spontaneous speech and in citation form words
Diana Krull

Some evidence on second formant locus-nucleus patterns in spontaneous speech in French
Daniell Duez

Vowel production in isolated words and in connected speech:
an investigation of the linguo-mandibular subsystem

Edda Farnetani and Alice Faber

Jaw position in English and Swedish VCVs
Patricia A. Keating, Björn Lindblom, James Lubker, and Jody Kreiman

Perception of CV-utterances by young infants:
pilot study using the High-Amplitude-Sucking technique

Francisco Lacerda

Child adjusted speech
Ulia Sundberg

Acquisition of the Swedish tonal word accent contrast
Olle Engstrand, Karen Williams, and Sven Strömquist