The resource consists of:

  • Age-of-acquisition ratings (in 6-month intervals) for for 200 Swedish words, up to the age of 6 years.  (100 child-specific and 100 adult-specific words). For more information on the AoA ratings, see (Wikse Barrow, Nilsson Björkenstam & Strömbergsson, 2018).

  • The linguistic data used to compile lists of child- and adult-specific words. This data consist of word frequency lists extracted from the following corpora:
    Child speech: the Strömqvist-Richthoff corpus (Strömqvist, Richthoff, & Andersson, 1993), available through CHILDES (MacWhinney, 2000) as the Lund corpus. This longitudinal corpus (5 children; age 1;0 - 6;0; approximately 125 000 tokens) consists of transcripts of spontaneous interaction with family members and/or a researcher in a home environment. The orthographic transcripts also include vocalizations, largely following the CHILDES conventions.
    Adult-speech: 1) the Gothenburg dialogue corpus, available through Språkbanken at Gothenburg University (Allwood, Grönqvist, Björkberg, Ahlsen, & Ottesjö, 2000), 2) Spontal, 120 dyads of spontaneous interaction in a lab environment (Edlund et al., 2010), and 3) Swedia 2000, interview transcripts of speakers of Swedish dialects (Eriksson, 2004). These corpora are orthographically transcribed, and consists of approximately 2,3 million tokens combined.

The resource is distributed as a zip-file consisting of:

  • An excel spread sheet with AoA ratings
  • The linguistic data in text file (csv) format

The data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license, which means that you are free to use it as long as proper credit is given, and that any modifications are shared under the same conditions.

Please cite the following paper if you use the resource:
Wikse Barrow, C., Nilsson Björkenstam, K., & Strömbergsson, S. (2018.) Subjective ratings of age-of-acquisition: exploring issues of validity and rater reliability. Journal of Child Language, 45(7).

SWE-AoA-means-206words-ADS-CS (590 Kb)

Vetenskapsrådet, project 2015-01255.

Carla Wikse Barrow,
Kristina Nilsson Björkenstam,