• 73 subjects
  • 41 boys & 32 girls; 2 twin couples; about 15 bi- or multilingual
  • Non-probability sample (interested parents among 2000 randomly selected)

Data collection

  • Child and parent in focus
  • Longitudinal: 3-36 months, every third month

Background data

  • Family situation (martial status; income; educational level; siblings; child care situation; etc)
  • Health situation (otitis; hearing; motoric development; other issues)
  • Language (languages in the family; dyslexia in the family; etc)

Behavioral Data

  • Vocal, verbal, gesture, gaze, touch, activity, etc
  • Semi-structured test of joint attention, turn-taking, nonprompted and prompted imitation

Additional Data

  • Swedish CDI (9 months to 3 years, every third month; online survey)
  • Parents’ understanding of communicative aspects (online survey)