Lars Borin

, Språkbanken och Centre for language technology, Göteborgs universitet, talar under rubriken "En lexikonresursinfrastruktur för språkteknologi och lingvistik" ("Towards a lexical resource infrastructure for language technology and linguistics").

Tid och plats

: 29 april kl. 15-17 i rum C307.


Towards a lexical resource infrastructure for language technology and

Digital resources resulting from research projects will often languish once the project ends. Lack of funding for resource maintenance, resource non-interoperability and closed-content license formats contribute to this. At Språkbanken (the Swedish Language Bank), University of Gothenburg, we are now integrating a number of existing free lexical resources into a new open-content resource for Swedish language technology applications. This set of lexical resources includes the IDS/LWT, i.e., multilingual sense lists intended for lexical-typological studies. We ensure interoperability among resources by using the standardized SALDO lexicon sense and lemgram identifiers as pivot. On top of the integrated resource, we will define a Swedish framenet , reusing a considerable amount of linguistic knowledge already encoded in the existing resources.

At the seminar, I will describe our work on building these resources and also discuss some of their potential uses in research in language
technology and linguistics.