Time: 11 June  2013 09:00 - 16:00

Place: C307, Södra Huset, Frescati


9:00—9:30           Coffee, Welcome

9:30—10:00         Cheng Zhang, Hedvig Kjellström
"Topic modelling for linguistics"

10:00—10:30       Mikael Vejdemo Johansson
"Some methods from topological data analysis"

10:30—10:40          Break

10:40—11:10         Gintaré Grigonyté
"Study of Term Replacement in Large Biomedical Corpus"

11:10—11:40         Guillermo Montero-Melis
"Word space models with a small data set"

11:40—12:00        Discussion

12:00—13:30          Lunch break

13:30—14:00        Sverker Sikström
"How to make statistical testing of semantic experimental data in psychology: Problems and solutions"

14:00—14:30        Susanne Vejdemo
"How to interpret frequency effects in semantic change"

14:30—14:40           Break

14:40—15:10         Linus Ericsson
"Saving the world through sentiment tracking of social media – observations and obstacles"

15:10—15:40         Hillevi Hägglöf
"Developing a Dynamical Atlas of Swedish Politics"

15:40—16:00         Discussion