The goal of this year’s joint NLP4CALL & NLP4LA workshop is to provide a meeting place for researchers working on language learning issues including both empirical and experimental studies and NLP-based applications and to bring together competences from these areas for sharing experiences and brainstorming the future of the field.

The workshop on NLP for Language Processing for Research in Language Acquisition (NLP4LA) broadens the scope of the joint workshop to also include theoretical, empirical, and experimental investigation of first, second and bilingual language acquisition.

We believe that this field will benefit from collaboration between the NLP, linguistics, psychology and cognitive science communities. The workshop is targeted at anyone interested in the relevance of computational techniques for first, second and bilingual language acquisition. Therefore, our aim is to bring together researchers from different fields with a shared interest in language acquisition.

For the track of NLP for Language Acquisition we welcome papers on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Empirical studies on language learner data,
  • Computational models of first, second and bilingual language acquisition,
  • Empirical or experimental studies, or computational models of various aspects of language and their effect in language comprehension and acquisition,
  • Data resources and tools for investigating language acquisition,
  • Psycholinguistic and socio-linguistic investigations on first, second and bilingual language acquisition.

We especially invite submissions describing the above-mentioned themes for the Nordic languages; and papers that focus on different age groups, cultures, and language variation.

Important dates:

  • 2 June, Thursday: first call for papers
  • 22 August, Monday: second call for papers
  • 16 September, Friday: final call for papers
  • 3 October, Monday: paper submission deadline (short and long) (Extendend deadline)
  • 18 October, Tuesday: notification of acceptance
  • 1 November, Tuesday: camera-ready papers for publication
  • 16 November, Wednesday: workshop date

Link to the official workshop website