Increasing rates of cochlear implantation are allowing deaf children access to the auditory modality, increasing the possibilities for acquisition of spoken language. However, the literature documents significant variability in outcomes. To date, cochlear implant outcome research with deaf children has focused upon audition and spoken language outcomes.

At this workshop we are bringing together international researchers to explore a more holistic approach; looking at the child as a multimodal-multilingual learner. We propose to explore a range of important measures to include not only spoken language but also sign language and print literacy. The focus will not only be upon the auditory abilities of the children, but also on how they use vision to acquire language, and how they are able to successfully integrate auditory and visual inputs in order to support the cognitive processes underlying language production and comprehension.

Organizers for the workshop is Matt Dye (Rochester Institute of Technology) and Krister Schönström (Stockholm University).

Support for this workshop was provided by the U.S. National Science Foundation (OISE-1565990) and Stockholm University.