Workshop Programme and Abstracts (106 Kb)
Constructions – Mimeo by B. Wälchli and M. Wirén (104 Kb)


9:00-9:25         Matti Miestamo                
                              Constructions and paradigms
9:25-9:50         Robert Östling
                              Adding meaning to form
9:50-10:15        Henrik Liljegren
                              Complex predicates, verb stretching and  semi-words in
                              South and West Asian languages
10:15-10:40     Lisa Rudebeck
                              Reflexivmarkerade konstruktioner och kreativ produktivitet

10:40-11:00        Break

11:00-11:25      Bernhard Wälchli
                              Wanting universals
11:25-11:50       Tove Gerholm
                              Multimodal constructions in child language – or:
                              the development of semantic and emotive anchors of meaning.
11:50-12:30      Jussi Karlgren
                              Konstruktioners distributionella egenskaper

12:30-13:30        Lunch break

13:30-13:55     Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm
                            “Adnominal possession and its relatives”:
                              constructions in typology and in Construction Grammar
13:55-14:20     Gunnar Eriksson
                              Givare eller mottagare?
14:20-14:45    Kristina Nilsson Björkenstam and Mats Wirén
                             Child language acquisition as learning of constructions

14:45-15:05       Break

15:05-15:30   Ljuba Veselinova
                            Negative existentials and the constructions they require
15:30-15:55    Eeva Klintfors
                            Constructing the infant brain:
                            lateralization of meaning during language development early in life
15:55-16:20    Björn Hammarberg
                            A usage-based view of constructions of comparison:
                            quantitative patterns of acquisition and use
16:20-17:00   Discussion

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