Tid: Onsdag 10 maj 2017, kl. 15:00-17:00
Plats: C307, Södra huset, Frescati

Postseminarium följer direkt efter seminariet i institutionens pentry.

I will present a study that investigated two questions. One is to which degree sentence processing beyond single words is independent of the input modality (speech vs. reading). The second question is which parts of the network recruited by both modalities is sensitive to syntactic complexity. These questions were investigated by having more than 200 participants read or listen to well-formed sentences or series of unconnected words. Linguistic expressions are known to differ in complexity. Based on a formally well-motivated account of syntactic complexity we were able to identify the nodes in the language network that are particularly sensitive to differences in complexity. Moreover, we were able to track how processing complexity unfolds over time during online sentence processing. We have also been able to localize the basic supramodal language network unifying words to sentences, independent of whether sentences are read or listened to. It shows that despite speech as the evolutionary primary mode of language, much of our reading skills depend on recruiting the same neuronal infrastructure.

Om Julia Uddén: ling.su.se/om-oss/nyheter/julia-udden-ny-pro-futura-forskare

Hjärtligt välkomna!
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