Tid: Torsdag 9 juni 2016, kl. 15:00-17:00
Plats: C389, Södra huset, Frescati

The LENA Pro system is designed for clinical practitioners and researchers interested in child language acquisition and natural language environments (LENA Foundation, 2014). The system is designed to collect up to 16 hours of audio signal and to identify and segment human speakers and other audio sounds from the recordings. Additionally to speaker identification, the system estimates counts for adult words, child vocalizations and conversational turns with an algorithm based on US-English data (see further Xu et. al, 2008; Xu et al., 2009). As the system is partially language and culturally dependent, its suitability to non-English language samples need to be studied.

If found suitable, the system could provide clinicians a feedback tool and a way of measuring the effects of ecological interventions, such as PCIT (parent-child interaction therapy, see e.g. Falkus et al., 2015).

For researchers, LENA provides a possibility to collect large data sets from natural environments effortlessly and to apply data the system’s data mining tool to extract information about the collected data.

In this talk, I will discuss previous studies on LENA reliability and validity and present preliminary observations of feasibility of the LENA System for Finnish.

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