Tid: Onsdag 8 april 2015, kl. 15:00 – 16:30
Plats: C397, Södra huset, Frescati

Föreläsningen hålls på engelska och teckenspråkstolkar finns.
Postseminarium följer direkt efter seminariet i institutionens pentry.


The data of GESL has never been taken into consideration in typological research of sign languages. GESL was closely connected with common Soviet sign language and was partly based on the Russian system. However, the process of nationalization has begun in post-Soviet regions and the sign languages are reintegrating. I will expose the first Georgian dactyl alphabet and speak about elaborated GESL dictionary. I will show verb agreement structures in GESL - the verbal categories of version and causation. These two categories are closely connected with verbal polypersonalism. The spatial system of GESL has the directional markers of causation and objective version. The vectors of the markers for these two categories are oriented towards the indirect object. The existence of such sign markers in GESL frees the word order in sentences. 

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Johanna Mesch