Tid: Torsdagen 31 mars kl. 15-17 Plats: C307


South America hosts over 500 attested indigenous languages forming over 100 languages families. For nearly all language which are not yet extinct, there is some documentation as to their grammatical features, and for a fair number of languages there is extensive documentation. Traditionally, historical relations have been gauged through vocabulary comparison. The current project, as part of a larger project (LinC at Radboud U, Nijmegen), studies language relations through typological comparison, aiming at questions which traditional vocabulary comparison cannot answer. In this direction, we are building a database on typological features and are developing computational techniques to analyse the distribution of features. As a pilot case, this talk will feature the Guaporé-Mamoré area (Bolivia-Brazil) and the question of whether, and with what strength, it forms a sprachbund.
For this we formulate a rigorous definition of sprachbund and apply significance testing.

Postseminarium med förfriskningar äger rum direkt efter seminariet i institutionens pentry.

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