Date: Thursday, December 1st 2016, 13:00–17:00
Venue: Beijer Hall, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Lilla Frescativägen 4A, Stockholm (Directions)

The brain sciences are generating new methods and theories at an increasing speed, and they are of increasing interest for scholars in many disciplines. The Stockholm Brain Science Symposium highlights innovative neuroimaging methods and how they are used to develop an interdisciplinary understanding of brains and minds. This event celebrates the creation of the Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre (SUBIC), an interdisciplinary centre for neuroimaging research. We invite you to join the discussion as three leading researchers share their discoveries and challenges from the frontlines of brain science.


Brain evolution: Descent with modification

Georg Striedter, Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior, University of California at Irvine (USA)

The cortical organization of human language: Evidence from electromagnetic brain imaging

Riitta Salmelin, Academy Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, Aalto University (Finland)

Human functional neuroimaging: Towards a large-scale data synthesis

Tal Yarkoni, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Texas at Austin (USA)


Stockholm Brain Science Symposium Programme (PDF-file - opens in new window)


The event is free of charge and open to the public but registration is required for all participants. Please follow the link for the Registration form and more information on the event: Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

Please note that registration is binding.


The Stockholm University Brain Imaging Centre organizing committee and the Academy's class for humanities and for outstanding services to science.