Tid: Torsdag 12 december 2013 kl. 15:00–17:00
Plats: C307, Södra huset, Frescati


As late as 1989, Dogon appeared in reference books as if it were a single language. Today, linguists have identified some eighty locally named varieties, which have been grouped into some twenty languages. These lects (languages or dialects) are spoken predominantly in eastern Mali, West Africa, in villages located on elevated plateaus, cliffsides, and low sandy plains. Dogon’s internal genealogical structure is under investigation and the family’s affiliation to Niger-Congo is widely assumed, but no close relationships to specific other branches have yet been established. In this talk I will give an overview of the Dogon language family, the geography in which it is spoken, and I will highlight some of its interesting typological characteristics. I will then describe a workflow and the challenges involved in applying various quantitative methods to the Dogon comparative wordlist to shed light on the internal genealogical relatedness of these lects.


Ljuba Veselinova