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Peter Gärdenfors är professor i Kognitionsvetenskap vid Filosofiska institutionen i Lund. Läs mer om Peter Gärdenfors här


The aim of this paper is to integrate spatial cognition with lexical semantics. We develop cognitive models of actions and events based on conceptual spaces and vectors on them. The models are then used to present a semantic theory of verbs.

We propose a two-vector model of events including a force vector and a result vector. We argue that our framework provides a unified account for a multiplicity of linguistic phenomena related to verbs. Among other things it provides a cognitive explanation for the lexico-semantic constraint regarding manner vs. result and for polysemy caused by intentionality. It also generates a unified definition of aspect.

Warglien, M., Gärdenfors, P. and Westera, M. Event structure, conceptual spaces and the semantics of verbs Forthcoming in Theoretical Linguistics

Lisa Gustavsson