Tid och plats: Torsdagen 9 december kl. 15 - 17 i sal C307


Evidential markers are perspective-making, and commonly portray items or events as perceived by a particular person. A typical example is a visual evidential that I use in describing an event seen by me, the speaker. Theories and descriptions of evidentiality have generally assumed that speaker perspective is the only one that counts, but many – if not most – languages with evidential marking do not support this assumption. In this talk I examine the kinds of perspectival relationships that are expressed in evidential systems, focusing on data from Duna, a language spoken in Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea. I suggest a typological continuum from more fixed relationships, where the ownership of perspective is invariant (e.g., fixed as the speaker or addressee), to more flexible relationships, where perspective shifts between different (real, potential, or narrative internal) locutionary agents. Two directions for further study concerning flexible evidentials are whether and how they are understood to be marking particular identifiable perspectives, and how they fit with deictic theories of evidentiality.

Postseminarium med förfriskningar äger rum direkt efter seminariet i institutionens pentry.

Hjärtligt välkomna!

Ljuba Veselinova & Henrik Bergqvist