Tid och plats: Torsdagen 21 oktober kl. 15-17 C397


Spanning the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience and linguistics, my talk will sketch a line of research where these fields are integrated into one topic: the neurobiology of language and more specifically, the neurobiology of syntax. In an expose of how different syntactic frameworks may translate to neuroscience, I will point out what I believe to be important open questions in the field. These are questions relating to the form of possible linguistic universals, if possible prior structure (or “innate” knowledge) is linguistically specific or domain general and if it is genetic or non-genetic.

I will also present the artificial grammar learning paradigm, which is a toy language model emphasizing domain general sequence processing as a possible substrate for syntactic processing. In a series of experiments, we use artificial grammar learning and transcranial magnetic stimulation to investigate the causal role of Broca’s area in syntactic processing.