Tid och plats: Torsdagen 7 oktober kl. 15-17 rum C 307


This seminar is an introduction to the topic of my research project at SU, light verbs. The aim of the project is to investigate the relation between syntax and semantics regarding argument mapping. In Swedish a few verbs (ta, ge, göra, få, among others) take an NP as an object argument in syntax. However, this object seems to function as the predicate in semantic terms.


(1) Lisa tog en dusch 'Lisa took a shower'

In sentence (1) the NP 'dusch' is the syntactic object of the light verb 'ta' but at the same time this NP gives the subject of the sentence its thematic role as someone who showers rather than someone who takes. The discussion will focus on various types of light verbs, their definitions and how the light verb and its object differ in interpretation from corresponding simple predicates (such as 'duscha' in (1)). I will also discuss some of the theoretical analyses that have been proposed in the literature.