Michel Paradis, professor emeritus i neurolingvistik, McGill University, Montreal, föreläser om "Declarative and procedural memory in the acquisition and learning of languages"

Tid och plats: Onsdag den 2 december 2009 kl 11-13 i Hörsal D7


Acquisition and learning (as defined) and their respective outcomes (competence and knowledge) are qualitatively different. There is no possible interface between implicit linguistic competence and metalinguistic knowledge. They are sustained by different types of memory systems (procedural and declarative), which are themselves subserved by different neural substrates. The crucial and ubiquitous contribution of declarative and procedural memory to the acquisition, processing, and loss of languages cannot be ignored. Every language task is accomplished declaratively or procedurally depending on the pathological, pragmatic, physiological, or experiential circumstances.

Implications for neuroimaging studies and all types of psycholinguistic studies (including laterality, language switching and mixing, the critical period for L2 acquisition, language attrition, translation), and for clinical studies will be considered. One important methodological consequence for laterality, neuroimaging and any types of experimental studies that purport to determine the representation and processing of language is that single words cannot be used as stimuli.