Lisa Gustafsson talar under rubriken "From signal to speech - arbetsseminarium om innehållet i en blivande avhandling"

"På seminariet tänkte jag presentera studierna i min avhandling och lite funderingar kring dessa med förhoppning om diskussion, debatt och synpunkter. En kort beskrivning följer nedan. Varmt välkomna!"

Tid och plats: Onsdag 26 november 2008, kl. 16:00-17:30, C389


“The aim with the thesis is to investigate some of the fundamental processes involved in first language acquisition. Indeed this scope might seem a bit optimistic in the sense that the scientific area of language acquisition is stretching over a number of disciplines and many years of research. In this thesis however the topic is addressed from a phonetic point of view and the acoustic signal is the object under investigation in search for answers concerning the fundamental processes involved in first language acquisition. The idea is that the characteristics of the acoustic signal used in speech, especially in speech directed to infants and the vocal development in infants, might tell us quite a deal about the crucial aspects of speech processing, speech production and communicative interaction in early language acquisition. Three groups of empirical studies and simulations are carried out from the above perspectives concerning: (I) The characteristics and processing of the input signal as perceived by the infant, (II) the conditions and characteristics of vocal output as produced by the infant and (III) the interaction of perception and production in early language acquisition.”