Jerker Rönnberg (Institutionen för beteendevetenskap och lärande, Institutet för handikappvetenskap, Linnécentret för forskning om hörselskador och dövhet, Linköpings Universitet), talar under rubriken , “A working memory system for Ease of Language Understanding (ELU)”.

Tid och plats: Onsdagen 12 november 2008, kl. 16:00-17:30, C389


Cognitive Hearing Science (CHS) is a new cross-disciplinary area of vital importance to the general Hearing and Deafness (HEAD) area. It addresses different hearing impairment syndromes and deafness, b) emphasizes the interaction between different kinds of signal processing and cognitive capacity, and (c) relates cognitive capacities to successes/failures of communication, aging and social life. A recent cognitive model for Ease of Language Understanding (ELU) will be briefly introduced. The ELU-model attempts to incorporate and conceptually bind together findings from neural, behavioural and communicative/social levels of description/explanation. Some examples of empirical tests of model predictions/assumptions will be presented, future challenges to the CHS area will be delineated, and suggestions for future research will be pointed out.