My core research question is therefore: what does written language look like in children with hearing loss? In this presentation, I will share the results from the first (accepted) article about how writing skills, particularly how spelling errors look like in children with variation in hearing background, also adding a sign language perspective on their writing.

Can sign language knowledge be mirrored in the written language of deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing signing children? Do their writing content and writing strategies differ from normal-hearing children without sign language knowledge? And what strategies do these children rely on when they learn how to spell in written language?

We examined whether, and how, different variables such as hearing degree, sign language knowledge and bilingualism may affect the spelling strategies of children with Swedish sign language, Svenskt teckenspråk, (STS) knowledge, and whether these variables can be mirrored in these children’s spelling. In the end of my presentation, I will also present my coming articles and summarize my first year as PhD-student as well as the collection of the data.

– Moa Gärdenfors, PhD-student