Professor Nicholas Evans.
Professor Nicholas Evans.

Tid: Torsdag 11 april, kl 15-17

Plats: Stockholms universitet, Hörsal B5, Södra husen, Frescati

"Poetry and song are inextricably interwoven in most indigenous Australian traditions. And the poetic masterpieces found across the continent are little-known outside their immediate communities, tied up as they are with the intricacies of the languages they are sung in. As a result, Australia has little awareness of the many hundreds of Shakespeares, Keatses, and Bob Dylans whose poetic masterpieces are composed in First Nations languages.
In this talk I will seek to give a glimpse into the richness of the poetic language found across a number of north Australian communities I have worked in.
I take the title of my talk from some lines of a Mayali song by the late and great Djorli Laywanga, a Dalabon songman:
Kurebe ngadjowkke ngawayudwayudme, marrek berlnayiii,marrek nuk berlnayiii
(From the other side of the river I am waving, I couldn’t see your arm waving back, Maybe I missed your arm waving)
I hope that the close readings of several poetic masterpieces that I will undertake during the lecture will help span what we see and hear across the river."

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