Tid: Onsdagen 27 februari 2019, kl 15:00-17:00
Plats: C307, Södra huset, Frescati

Postseminarium följer direkt efter seminariet i institutionens pentry.


As part of a larger project analyzing a longitudinal corpus of Finnish (The Longitudinal Corpus of Finnish Spoken in Helsinki (1970’s, 1990’s and 2010’s), Lappalainen et al.) we have been looking at prosodic features including how or indeed whether adults' F0 distributions have changed over a period of 40 years. Recently we have become interested in the incidence of creaky voice in our corpus, originally because of the difficulties creaky voice causes for automatic F0 measurement, but also to see whether individuals' proportion of creaky voice use has changed over the years. I will give an overview of our difficulties and progress in coming to grips with creak and also briefly discuss the Bayesian statistical tools we have been using to evaluate our data.

Hjärtligt välkomna!
Hatice Zora