Tid: Torsdag 28 september 2017, kl. 15:00–17:00
Plats: C307, Södra huset, Frescati


The matter of scope in comparative *than* clauses has been a central concern in the comparatives literature for the past 15 years. At issue is the apparent ability of certain *than*-clause-internal quantifiers to take syntactically exceptional matrix scope. Attempts to address the issue have led to new insights (e.g., robust if poorly understood generalizations about the restricted scope of degree quantifiers) and fundamental shifts in the approach to gradable adjectives (the move to an interval semantics). I suggest that they should also lead us back to some forgotten observations about the parallel behavior of clausal comparatives and embedded questions. In this talk, I survey the current state of the theoretical landscape and show how our understanding of clausal comparatives can benefit from insights about embedded questions. More broadly, this connection suggests that the well-known structural similarities between the two constructions are matched by striking semantic similarities that the recent literature has overlooked.

Om föreläsaren

Nicholas Fleisher is an Associate Professor at the Department of Linguistics,
University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee. He is a syntactician and semanticist and is working primarily in the generative syntactic and model-theoretic semantic tradition.

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