Tid: Onsdag 20 februari, kl. 15:00-17:00
Plats: Östbergsalen, C397, Södra huset, Frescati

Seminariet ges på internationella tecken med tolkning till svenska.

Postseminarium äger rum direkt efter seminariet i institutionens pentry.


The talk focuses on the development of the German Sign Language Sentence Repetition Test (DGS-SRT), which was adapted from the American Sign Language Sentence Repetition Test (ASL-SRT) (Hauser et al., 2008). In order to determine differences in deaf or hearing individuals’ fluency in DGS, one needs to design an effective assessment tool, which can be used for various purposes, especially for linguistic and psycholinguistic studies. In the DGS-SRT, the participants watch video-clips including DGS sentences of different complexity and are asked to repeat each of them exactly. The test was conducted with 44 deaf adults, 30 deaf children and 31 hearing L2-M2 DGS learners so far. In our talk, an overview of the results are provided. We also cover the development of applicable stimuli as well as appropriate assessment procedures and determination of the reliability and validity of the test.


Krister Schönström