Miina Norvik's work is on future time reference in Baltic-Finnic, especially Livonian.

Miina's stay at the department was one of the most enriching experiences of the just ended semester. Meeting her gave us the possibility to closely interact with a foreign academic environment and a research tradition (Finno-Ugric studies) which is not strictly in the focus of any of our ongoing research projects but strongly relate to our general interest in linguistic diversity.

Miina participated in all the doctoral activities which took place at the department during her stay (doctoral seminars, workshops, lectures) and together we had insightful discussions and debates on our ongoing research projects as well as on the commonalities and differences among PhD studies in Sweden and Estonia. She was with us for 5 months only but it truly felt as she had been always part of the group.

Miina about her stay at the Deparment of Linguistics:
It was an enriching experience to be a guest PhD student at the Department of Linguistics. Attending lectures and discussing my PhD project here broadened my perspective and gave me new ideas to think about.

I enjoyed the fact that not only professors are ready to give feedback but the fellow PhD students also show interest in each other’s work. I benefited a lot from this kind of exchange of ideas!

I got much more than I had expected from my stay. For instance, I got a deeper insight into fields that are not in focus at my home university, e.g. the study of different African languages.

All in all, the friendly and helpful atmosphere of the department made my stay especially nice and memorable.

Miina Norvik
(Spring term 2012)


Miina Norvik
Miina Norvik