The Doctoral festival is an afternoon event where the PhD students of the Department of Linguistics presented their thesis projects, or parts thereof, inviting listeners to ask questions about these in an informal setting.

The Doctoral Festival 2018 Programme

PhD Festival 2018

13:00–13:05 Welcome!

13:10–13:30 Johan Sjons: Articulation Rate in Child-Directed Speech

13:30–13:50 Murathan Kurfali: Incorporating Discourse Structure into Neural Machine Translation

13:50–14:10 Moa Gärdenfors: The Writing Process of Deaf Children with Cochlea Implants

14:10–14:30 Elisabet Eir Cortes: Articulatory Consequences of Vocal Effort Elicitation Method

14:30–14:50 Coffe break (20 min)

14:50–15:10 Richard Kowalik: Everything Difficult with Åarjelsaemien (South Saami)

15:10–15:30 Ulrika Marklund: Early Language Development: Contingency and Phonology

15:30–15:50 Signe Tonér: How Do We Measure Language Skills?

15:50–16:10 David Pagmar: The Order of Scalar Inference During First Language Acquisition

16:10–16:30 Kätlin Aare: A Sneak Peek Into Airflow Conversation with Creaky Voice

17:00–22:00 Dinner