The festival is an afternoon event where the PhD students of the Department of Linguistics presented their thesis projects, or parts thereof, inviting listeners to ask questions about these in an informal setting.

The Doctoral Festival 2016 Programme

PhD Festival 2016 (71 Kb)

14:30 Josefina Safar: Lexical variation in Yucatec Maya Sign Languages:
Methodological and ethical issues.
#VariationInYMSL: Doing eldwork in Yucatec Maya signing communities is not a straightforward task. This is how I did it.

14:40 Johan Sjons: Information density in speech. Administration weight on teachers yields rare rabies. Oops, typos. I meant: Articulation rate in speakers talking to their babies. #lingfest16

14:50 Signe Tonér: Effects of preschool intervention on language skills, attention and executive function. #hjarnvagariforskolan will put pedagogical interventions in Swedish preschools to the test. Bonus: lots of interesting data!

15:00 Fika for twenty minutes

15:20 Natalia Perkova: What can language contacts bring along? Ever wondered how one speaks about 'taking along' in the Baltic Sea region? Btw, language contacts can affect the patterns used!

15:30 Petter Kallioinen: First N400 study of DHH children: the group with CI rely on top down semantic processing while controls use bottom up. First N400 study of deaf and hard-of-hearing children: Found top down semantic processing in kids with CI, not in controls. Submitted.

15:40 Ellen Marklund: Perceptual reorganization and speech exposure. Looking at the relation between speech exposure and perceptual categorization of speech sounds, measured by a mismatch response, in infancy.

15:50 Elisabet Eir Cortes: Bitemarks in languages? Bitemarks in languages? #jaw #sound structure #motor control #phdfestival2016

16:00 Stretch your legs for 10 minutes

16:10 Thomas Hörberg: The comprehension of transitive sentences in the self-paced reading paradigm. Morphosyntactic and prominence-based cues are utilized in a probabilistic and incremental fashion during the on-line comprehension of transitive sentences.

16:20 Calle Börstell: All your case are belong to us. TFW linguists be like "there are no case-marked pronouns in SLs" and you find a bunch. Here's one in #ssl and some typology #phdfestival2016.

16:30 Hatice Zora: Matching of auditory information onto lexical representations in the brain. Dynamic nature of lexical access and long-term memory traces for lexically speci ed prosodic information in the brain.