The festival is an all day event where the PhD students of the Department of Linguistics present their thesis projects, or parts thereof, inviting listeners to ask questions about these in an informal setting.

The Doctoral Festival 2014 Programme

Programme and Booklet of Abstracts (4016 Kb)

09:00–09:10  Opening

09:10–11:25  General Linguistics: Typology & Areal Linguistics

09:10–09:35  Natalia Perkova
                             On plurality of participants: comitatives, coordination
                            and additive particles
09:35–10:00  Pernilla Hallonsten Halling
                             Adverbs from a typological perspective:
                             the case of adjective (in)dependency
10:00–10:25  Benjamin Brosig
                              Evidentiality in Mongolian in its areal context

10:25–10:35  Break 10 min

10:35–11:00  Ghazaleh Vafaeian
                            Functional scope of the ‘have/hold’ progressive in Persian
11:00–11:25  Desalegn Hagos Asfawwesen
                           Accounting for the subordinating use of –nna ‘and’ in Amharic

11:25–12:15  Corpus Studies
                         Computational Linguistics

11:25–11:50  Thomas Hörberg
                            Predicting efforts in the on-line processing of argument
                            interpretation on the basis of usage frequencies in Swedish texts
11:50–12:15  Robert Östling
                            Word alignment and its applications

12:15–13:15  Lunch break 1 hour

13:15–14:55  Sign Language
                         Phonetics: Production and Perception

13:15–13:40  Calle Börstell
                           Comparing sign languages:
                           Methodological issues with data collection and selection
13:40–14:05  Pia Simper-Allen
                            Döva barns tillägnande av avbildande verbkonstruktioner i
                            svenskt teckenspråk. Barns handformskategorier inom
                            ”Cut and Break”-domänen
14:05–14:30  Hatice Zora
                            Perception of language-specific phonemic and prosodic contrasts
14:30–14:55  Elisabet Eir Cortes
                            Speech motor control:
                            A balance between perceptual and articulatory factors

14:55–15:15  Break 20 min

15:15–16:55  Phonetics: Acquisition

15:15–15:40  Ellen Marklund
                            Using rotated speech to separate acoustic and
                            phonemic processing as reflected by the MMN
15:40–16:05  Johan Sjons
                            Testing the H&H theory on infant- and child-directed speech
16:05–16:30  Lena Renner
                            No perception without production: An eye-tracking study on
                            the relationship between the production and perception
                            of mispronounced words in 24-month-olds
16:30–16:55  Ulrika Marklund
                            Effects of parental linguistic input on child language and
                            communication development

16:55–17:10  Concluding remarks

17:30               Buffet in the department kitchen