Tove Gerholm, Iris-Corinna Schwarz, Lisa Gustavsson, Eeva Klintfors och Ulrika Marklund vid Institutionen för lingvistik, har tilldelats ett forskningsanslag för forskningsprojektet
"Modelling infant language acquisition from parent-child interaction: Identifying, testing, and simulating components and consequences of speech and gestures".

Det femåriga projektet löper mellan 2012 och 2017.
Totalt beviljat anslag: 5 000 000 kr

Kort information om projektet (på engelska):

Project summary
This project aims to model infant language development from an interactional perspective during the first 3 years of life by identifying, testing, and simulating some of the fundamental processes involved in early language acquisition. A range of components that can be summarised by speech and gestures have an impact on language development, which is in turn measureable by milestones such as productive vocabulary size and interaction competence. The project team consists of a unique constellation of researchers with their individual linguistic, clinical, and technical background on language acquisition that is united at the site of one potent laboratory. They go beyond descriptive and experimental results on interactional language development by readily testing their results in computational models in order to build a model of infant language acquisition that truly incorporates the multitude of aspects embedded within parent-child interaction.

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