Wavesurfer is an Open Source tool for sound visualization and manipulation. Wavesurfer home page | Wavesurfer user manual

Swell: The Soundswell Signal Workstation™ is a collection of basic tools for signal editing, analysing and testing. Swell på Hitech

Praat: a free, scientific software program for the analysis of phonetics. Praat home page

Audition/CoolEdit: Software toolset for recording, mixing, editing and mastering audio files. Adobe hemsida för Adobe Audition

Osiris is portable and expandable software for interactive display and manipulation of medical images from different imaging modalities. Osiris hemsida

ESPS/waves: Entropic Signal Processing System and waves+: ESPS is a C-language software package designed for use in a UNIX network environment. It has user-level programs and libraries for data handling and signal processing. Waves+ is a tool suite for viewing, analysing, and labelling speech data.

Fritt från nätet: Ladda hem olika verktyg för talanalys här: http://www.speechandhearing.net/laboratory/tools.html