09:0010:00   Session 3: Dialogue

                               Chair: Anna Hjalmarsson

09:00–09:20     Duration and pitch in perception of turn transition
                                  by Swedish and English listeners

                                   Margaret Zellers
Zellers, M. (112 Kb)

09:20–09:40     Backchannels and breathing
                                 Kätlin Aare, Marcin Włodarczak, Mattias Heldner
Aare, K., Włodarczak, M. & Heldner, M. (138 Kb)

09:40–10:00      Pauses and resumptions in human and in computer speech
                                 Jens Edlund, Fredrik Edelstam, Joakim Gustafson
Edlund, J., Edelstam, F. & Gustafson, J. (87 Kb)

10:00–10:30      Coffee break

10:3011:50   Session 4: Tone and accent

                               Chair: Meg Zellers

10:30–10:50      Initiality accent deaccenting
                                 Sara Myrberg
Myrberg, S. (98 Kb)

10:50–11:10       Syllable structure and tonal representation:
                                revisiting focal Accent II in Swedish

                                 Antonis Botinis, Gilbert Ambrazaitis, Johan Frid
Botinis, A., Ambrazaitis, G. & Frid, J. (616 Kb)

11:10–11:30       Prosodic boundaries and discourse structure in Kammu
                                Anastasia M Karlsson, Jan-Olof Svantesson, David House
                               Karlsson, A.M., Svantesson, J-O. & House, D.

                                  Karlsson, A.M., Svantesson, J-O. & House, D. (94 Kb)

11:30–11:50       Tonal production and syllabification in Greek                                                           Antonis Botinis and Elina Nirgianaki
Botinis, A. & Nirgianaki, E. (689 Kb)

11:50–13:30       Lunch

13:3014:30   Session 5: Animal sounds

                               Chair: Anders Eriksson

13:3013:50       Sound initiation and source types in human imitations
                                of sounds

                                 Pétur Helgason
Helgason, P. (216 Kb)

13:5014:10        Human perception of intonation in domestic cat meows
                                  Susanne Schötz and Joost van de Weijer
Schötz, S. & van de Weijer, J. (95 Kb)

14:1014:30       A pilot study of human perception of emotions
                                from domestic cat vocalizations

                                  Susanne Schötz
Schötz, S. (222 Kb)

14:30–15:00      Coffee break

15:0016:20   Session 5: L2

                               Chair: Bosse Thorén

15:00-15:20        Aspects of second language speech prosody:
                                data from research in progress

                                  Juhani Toivanen
Toivanen, J. (46 Kb)

15:2015:40         Perception and production of Swedish word accents
                                 by Somali L1 speakers

                                  Anna Hed
Hed, A. (251 Kb)

15:4016:00        The confusing final stops in L2 acquisition
                                  Elisabeth Zetterholm
Zetterholm, E. (100 Kb)

16:0016:20       Observed pronunciation features in Swedish L2 produced
                                 by two L1-speakers of Vietnamese

                                  Mechtild Tronnier, Elisabeth Zetterholm
Tronnier, M. & Zetterholm, E. (124 Kb)

19:00–??:??         Conference dinner at Spritmuseums restaurang