10:00–10:40   Session 6: Child speech

                               Chair: Iris-Corinna Schwarz

10:00–10:20     Consonant inventory of Swedish speaking 24-month-olds:
                               A cross-sectional study

                                 Emilie Gardin, Maria Henriksson, Emilia Wikstedt,
                                 Marie Markelius, Lena Renner
Gardin, E., Henriksson, M., Wikstedt, E., Markelius, M. & Renner, L. (68 Kb)

10:20-10:40        Real-time registration of listener reactions to
                                unintelligibility in misarticulated child speech

                                  Ivonne Contardo, Anita McAllister, Sofia Strömbergsson
Contardo, I. McAllister, A & Strömbergsson, S. (59 Kb)

10:40–11:10        Coffee break

11:10–11:30   Session 7: Phonetics and brain imaging

                               Chair: Mattias Heldner

11:10-11:30          SUBIC – Stockholm University Brain Imaging Center
                                and its significance for humanistic and interdisciplinary

                                  Francisco Lacerda, Björn Lindblom
Lacerda, F. (112 Kb)

11:30–12:00   Closing