Tonér, S., & Nilsson Gerholm,T. (2020). Links between Language and Executive Functions in Swedish Preschool Children: A Pilot Study. Applied Psycholinguistics DOI:


Language skills and executive functions (EF) undergo rapid development during preschool years and are foundational for a wide range of life outcomes but little is known of the connections between language and EF in Swedish, typically developing children. The current pilot study included 47 mono- and multilingual children aged 4–6 and aimed at describing the relationship between language and EF and investigating potential associations to age, sex, bi-/multilingualism, socioeconomic status (SES), and aspects of preschool attendance. Measures of language and EF correlated with one another to a large extent, but also showed some differentiation, suggesting a specific link between morphosyntactic ability and inhibition. Age was a significant predictor of most but not all measures. No significant effects of sex were found, with the exception for a female advantage in nonverbal communicative behavior, assessed by a novel rating paradigm. SES did not predict language or EF, and bi- and/or multilingual children did not differ from monolingual Swedish children on language or EF measures. Findings are discussed in relation to the connection between language and EF as well as to the needs of development of reliable language, EF, and communication measures for use in the Swedish context.

To the article in Applied PsycholinguisticsLinks between Language and Executive Functions in Swedish Preschool Children: A Pilot Study

In Swedish: "Ny studie om kopplingen mellan språk och exekutiva funktioner hos barn"