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Newer publications from the Department of Linguistics can be found in the Stockholm University Publication Database, DiVA.

DiVA portal is a finding tool and an institutional repository for academic research publications and student theses written at 28 universities and colleges of higher education.

Publications are also listed at the staff web pages.

Publication series

Current dissertations

Our PhD Students present their thesis work on their personal webpages

Elisabet Eir Cortes
Moa Gärdenfors
Richard Kowalik
Murathan Kurfalı
David Pagmar
Natalia Perkova
Johan Sjons
Signe Tonér


Postal address
Department of Linguistics
Stockholm University
SE - 10691 Stockholm, Sweden
Visiting address
Department of Linguistics
Universitetsvägen 10 C
Frescati, Stockholm, Sweden
Student affairs office
Email: exp@ling.su.se
Telephone: +46 8 16 23 47
Fax: +46 8 15 53 89
Office: C 378


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