his is a versatile lab teaching facility with capacity for up to 30 students. It can be arranged either in a classical classroom setting or in a laboratory setting offering the students the possibility of carrying out laboratory activities in small groups. These high-quality lab teaching facilities are suitable both for advanced teaching and research.

An important teaching activity in this lab is to train students in the use of speech analysis software, in the planning and execution of phonetic experiments, and in the critical interpretation of their experimental results. All computers in the lab are equipped with speech analysis software, speech and video annotation software, audio and video editors, programming languages and software for running perception experiments. Recordings requiring a more controlled acoustic environment can be made in the anechoic chamber.

The Teaching lab also include specialized hardware for phonetic experiments such as a system for measuring phonatory airflow and air pressure, an electroglottograph (EGG), a hearing loss simulator, a voice transformer, as well as various anatomical models and material for demonstration of acoustic phenomena.