The Anechoic chamber is an essential part of the Phonetics Lab. This is a recording studio designed to completely absorb sound reflections, and to be insulated from exterior sources of noise. Thus, it is very silent and has virtually no reflected signals (i.e. room acoustics). We use the Anechoic chamber for speech recordings that require highly controlled acoustic conditions approximating so called “free field” conditions.

Studio equipment

This studio is equipped with state-of-the-art microphones and a high quality audio interface. For most recordings, we are using Brüel & Kjær 1/2′′ Free-field Microphones (Type 4189) with preamplifiers (Type 2669). The microphones are connected to a Brüel & Kjær NEXUS Conditioning Amplifier (Type 2692), which in turn is connected to a Motu 8M audio interface. We are primarily using the REAPER digital audio workstation software for the recordings.


All recording sessions are monitored from the control room outside the Anechoic chamber, using a TV monitor showing the subject(s) in the chamber, and via headphones/speakers. In addition, there is an audio intercom system allowing two-way communication between the subject and the experiment leader.