Additional special equipment available for phonetic experiments in the Phonetics Laboratory includes:

Digital plotter: is 8 channels Graphtec plotter for on-line graphic monitoring on a digital screen or continuous paper plots.

Electromagnetic articulography (EMA) which is an electromagnetic tracking system suitable for registering articulatory or other movements performed within an imaginary tracking volume of 50 cm × 50 cm × 50 cm.

A system used for real-time monitoring and registry of the points of contact contacts between the tongue and the hard palate, in particular during speech articulation.

H2 Handy Recorders
110 digital recording devices are available for high quality recordings outside the Phonetics Lab. The H2 recorders are primarily used by test subjects in their home environment.

A two-dimensional electromagnetic system for measurements of articulatory motion, specially designed by Stockholm University’s engineers at Phonetics Laboratory, and used for tracking speech-related oro-facial movements.

Sterilization system:
The Lisa W&H water steam sterilizer, used to sterilize equipment components that may be in direct contact with the subjects’ mucosa.

Other equipment:

The Phonetics Lab also hold a supply of high standard older equipment that are used in teaching in order to offer the students the direct experience of classical equipment that has now been replaced by modern analysis software. Examples of such technology include a modular system of filter and amplifier elements, a Kay Spectrograph “DSP5500” and Kay “Computer speech lab” as well as a Starkey "Hearing Science Laboratory".