Booking of laboratory space and equipment

Booking lists are posted outside each room. Bookings should be written in pencil, to allow for adjustments or cancellations. Facilities used for education must be booked by TimeEdit.

The premises may be leased with or without attending assistants. For information on conditions, responsibilities and costs, see contacts, roles and responsibilities.

Lending of instruments, tools and materials
The Technical Manager may grant permission to use recording equipment outside the Phonetics Lab. Borrowing or moving laboratory equipment requires the authorization of the Technical Manager and must be registered in a logbook specifying the name and contact information of the borrower, the date of loan and estimated its length as well as the location and purpose of the equipment during the lending period.

Computer Login
Login requires a SUKAT ID. Students have login rights when registered in Ladok on a course given at the Department.
Guest researchers may obtain temporary login access from the Department’s Secretary.
Always log off the computer when work is finished!

File storage
Files are saved in "My Documents", stored on each laboratory computers network drive Z. The files are also accessible via sftp (by the use of FileZilla (most OS), WinSCP (Windows) or Cyberduck (Mac OS X).

Supporting facilities

Reserved parking facilities (parking spaces 200 and 201, adjacent to the South entrance at Universtitetsvägen 10 C) are available for exclusive use of subjects participating in experiments at the Phonetics Laboratory. Special parking permits can be obtained from the responsible lab personal.

Washer and dryer
Washer and dryer are intended for exclusive use by the EEG-lab and the Babylab. Any other usage of the equipment must be approved by the Technical Manager and noted in writing. Private usage of the equipment is prohibited.