Rules and regulations

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Rules and regulations

General information

The Phonetics Lab is located at the Department of Linguistics on level 2, House C, at “Södra huset”, Frescati Stockholm University Campus.

Laboratory subsections

  • Training laboratory: An educational / experimental area with 10 computers for students and a lecturer’s computer with a projector; an anechoic chamber is located adjacent to the training laboratory
  • Research laboratory equipped with specialized computers, scanners and software for advanced picture, video and audio processing
  • Three soundproof recording studios with adjacent control rooms for audio and video recordings; two of these studios are equipped with electromagnetic shields
  • Two large recording rooms with adjacent control room for audio and video recordings. One of these, the Perception laboratory, is used for perception tests with groups of subjects and recordings under naturalistic “home” environment situations. It is also used as a teaching/meeting room for smaller groups and is fitted with computer and projector facilities. The other recording room, the Video studio, is used for video recordings and Articulatory Phonetics experiments
  • Electronics and mechanics workshop for equipment maintenance and hardware construction
  •  Waiting area for subjects, specially costumed for parents with infants and small children, equipped with handicap toilet, diaper changing table as well as hair washing facilities for subjects participating in EEG experiments.



Phonetics Lab Director
Mattias Heldner, Professor
Phone: +46 (0)8 16 19 88
Press contact
Research Manager
Iris-Corinna Schwarz, Researcher
Phone: +46 (0)8 16 31 57
Visiting address
Department of Linguistics/Phonetics Lab
Universitetsvägen 10 C
Frescati, Stockholm, Sweden