Who can participate in the summer school?

  • Participants above PhD levels ­are more than welcome, but the fee is slightly higher.
  • ­1st cycle students (BA level) can also participate, but most of the courses will presuppose good acquaintance with basic linguistic concepts. Study the different course descriptions before registering and make sure you are acquainted with the relevant basic concepts.
  • ­Non-linguists (primarily anthropologists) are also welcome, but on the same premises as for BA level students (see above).

How do I register for the summer school?

  1. Fill out the registration form found here.
  2. Pay the fee through our web store, no later than one month after registration. (Note that early registration payment closes on April 30th 2014. After this date, all fees will be increased by £70.)
  3. If you wish to pay the lower student fee, you need to provide a proof of your student status. Please do so by sending us a digital copy to us by e-mail to summerschool@ling.su.se.
  4. You will receive a confirmation of your registration by e-mail within 2 weeks of registration.

I have registered but I have not received a confirmation e-mail. What do I do?

A confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail within 2 weeks of registration. If you have not received an e-mail after 14 days, contact us at summerschool@ling.su.se, and state your registration ID that is given to you when submitting your registration form.

How do I choose my courses?

Apart from the plenary lectures, which are open to all participants, there will be 3 different curricula to follow (you can find the schedule on the Registration page). When submitting your registration form, you are asked to state your preferred schedule (1st choice and 2nd choice). We will strive towards assigning the participants their preferred curriculum; if one curriculum is more popular, we will prioritize according to the order of registration + payment.

Will I receive any credits?

Since ECTS credits require some form of examination, we will not allot credits through Stockholm University. Instead, the corresponding ECTS credits for the courses will be stated on your course certificate, and thus your home university may agree to provide their own examination of the credits (e.g. by a written report, or another form of examination that your university approves). The number of credits will vary between 2 ECTS for the longer courses (consisting of approximately 6 two-hour lectures) and 1 for the shorter courses (2–3 two-hour lectures).

I will not be able to stay for the whole period. Can I still participate?

You are welcome to arrive a bit later or leave a bit earlier. However, this will not result in a reduced fee. Note also that some of the courses span both weeks, so there is a risk that you will miss some of the lectures in your chosen courses, and that this might affect the ECTS estimations given on your course certificate after each finished course.

What is included in the registration fee?

Registration covers the summer school's courses, lectures and workshops, as well as the participation in the Young Linguists' International Conference.

Travel expenses, meals and housing are unfortunately not included in the price and will have to be paid for (and organized) by the participants themselves. We recommend you make your travel and housing arrangements well in advance, since Stockholm is gets most of its tourists during the summer. We have listed a few places where to start looking for accommodation here.

Will there be any scholarships and/or reduced fees for participants coming from economically challenged countries and/or traveling overseas?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any scholarships and/or any fee reductions.


If you have any other questions, please contact summerschool@ling.su.se.